Scottish soils featured in art and science crossover project

The James Hutton Institute February 28, 2017
Samples from Scotland’s National Soil Archive hosted at The James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen have been used for the art and science project Geologic Intimacy (Yu no Hana) by artist Ilana Halperin, which highlights the historical connections between Japan and Scotland.
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A new look for Scotland's soils

Scotland's environment web October 03, 2016
The Scotland’s soils website is part of the Scotland’s environment web family, and provides data and information on Scotland’s soils
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Valuing your soils

SRUC September 26, 2016
As part of the recently published “Valuing Your Soils” guidance, new videos using case-studies of real farmers’ experiences are now available on the Farming and Water Scotland website.
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Hutton soil forensic evidence helps police

The James Hutton Institute September 22, 2016
"In addition to being a key resource for food security and human sustainability, soils contain many physical, chemical and biological characteristics which can potentially be of great use to the investigative and reconstructive processes"
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Soil will absorb less atmospheric carbon September 22, 2016
The UCI-led study found that soil integrates carbon far slower than thought, meaning the amount it’s capable of absorbing from the atmosphere this century is much less than predicted by current Earth system models
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