National Coastal Change Assessment (NCAA)

Patricia Bruneau, Scottish Natural Heritage
January 07, 2019

The Coastal Change Assessment aims to create a shared evidence base to support more sustainable coastal and terrestrial planning decisions in the light of a changing climate.

Web maps are available which show the position of the soft shoreline in Scotland in the 1890s, 1970s and modern time period. Annual rates of landward erosion and seaward accretion are also shown. Recent erosion has been projected landwards to suggest where the shoreline may be in 2050, if recent rates continue (i.e. no defences installed or erosion quickens). Using the erosion rates combined with a number of socioeconomic datasets, key assets at risk from future coastal erosion can be identified.

The NCCA aims to inform existing strategic planning (Shoreline Management Plans, Flood Risk Management Planning, Strategic and Local Plans, National and Regional Marine Planning etc.) and to identify areas which may remain susceptible in future and require supplementary support.

Find out more and view the maps on Scotland's Dynamic Coast website.



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