Book now for Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter launch and conference, Thursday 17 November, Dynamic Earth

Colin McFadyen, Scottish Natural Heritage
November 02, 2017

Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter sets out a vision: that Scotland’s geodiversity is recognised as an integral and vital part of our environment, economy, heritage and future sustainable development, to be managed appropriately and safeguarded for this and future generations. The Scottish Geodiversity Forum has worked with partners to revise and update the Charter during 2017, ready for the launch of the renewed Charter at this conference with the support of more than 70 organisations.

The conference is supported by Scottish Natural Heritagethe British Geological Survey, the Edinburgh Geological Society and the Geological Society of Glasgow.

You can find out more about the conference on the Scottish Geodiversity Forum website.

You can book online: Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter Launch and Conference

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