Key messages for farmers and land managers to help prevent diffuse water pollution published

May 02, 2022

Diffuse pollution from agriculture is a significant environmental issue and has implications for Scotland achieving the targets set out in River Basin Management Plans for water bodies to achieve good status. 

Following the publication of a research report A state of knowledge overview of identified pathways of diffuse pollutants to the water environment earlier this year, practical guidance has now been developed on soil management practices to help farmers and land managers a prevent diffuse water pollution.

podcast and video featuring farmers and a technical video have been created. Guidance sheets have also been published to complement the existing Valuing your Soils guidance.

Find out more about what land managers can do about diffuse pollution on the Farming and Water Scotland website.

Find out more about the "pathways project" on the Farming and Water Scotland and CREW websites.

The project was carried out by researchers from SRUC and JHI and funded by CREW. 


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