The latest Peatland ACTION Fund round is now open with £1.5 million available to restore damaged peatlands across Scotland.

Scottish Natural Heritage
March 31, 2019

The Peatland ACTION Project is a Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) initiative, funded by Scottish Government, to reduce carbon release into the atmosphere. The funding comes through the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan commitments, which sets out the long-term ambition to restore 250,000 hectares of peatland by 2030.

The funding primarily supports on-the-ground restoration activities. This includes installation of peat dams in man-made ditches to increase water levels, allowing the peat-building mosses, called sphagnums, to re-establish. It also supports more novel techniques such as peat hag re-vegetating by using the surrounding vegetation to stabilise the bare eroding peat, as shown in the above image, pre-restoration.

The funding round is open until 17th May 2019. Local Project Officers are available across Scotland for pre-application support and assistance by emailing Applicants will be informed if their application has been successful from July 2019.

Further information and guidance for people thinking of applying to the fund is available on the Scottish Natural Heritage website.

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