The Scotland’s soils website is part of the Scotland’s environment web family, and provides data and information on Scotland’s soils

Scotland's environment web
October 03, 2016

Earlier this year we carried out user analysis of the website. This was in response to recognising that the majority of our users needed data already interpreted for their specific needs to enable them to use it in their day-to-day decision making. User analysis helped us understand what tasks people used soil data and information for and identified areas where we could make improvements to the website.

The first phase of development focused on improving the structure, making the site easier to navigate and find the data you are looking for. The site is very much a work in progress, with more development planned, but we would like to gather feedback on the changes made so far.

We have made the development site available so users can try it out and let us know what they think. Over the coming months we will be making further changes to the site, including developing the information available to help support decision making. We will also be carrying out user testing.

If you have any feedback on the Scotland’s soils development site or would like to take part in user testing, please get in touch by emailing

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