The amount of Scotland’s soil sealed over by impervious surfaces has risen over the last decade

December 05, 2023

NatureScot has published Scotland’s Soil Sealing Indicator 2020, a biodiversity report on the soil sealing in Scotland caused by the built environment. It found that the area of sealed soils has risen from 1.55% in 2009 to 1.89% in 2020.

Soil sealing creates an impervious layer, which damages the natural soil structure and compromises its ability to function. This damage can adversely affect biodiversity, as well as putting people and property at risk. Sealing is generally associated with urban areas and flooding is often a concern. However, some areas of derelict land have also been restored and soil functions reinstated. 

Find out more in NatureScot's press release or read the full report Scotland's Indicators - Soil Sealing

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