Links to where you can find more information on soils in Scotland ...

Our soils

How do our soils form?

National reporting

Regional / topical reporting

  • British Geological Survey (BGS)
  • Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) - Information services including land cover, hydrology of soil types
  • Regulatory and compliance monitoring - Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) - Environmental data including atmospheric deposition, waste
  • NatureScot - National Peatland Plan

Soil protection – policy framework

State of Scotland's soil

Reviews and reports that tell us about the state of our soils

Soil functions and ecosystem services

Trends and historical change

Soil monitoring

Soil survey and monitoring resources

Monitoring activities

Examples of research outputs relating to monitoring

Soil indicators

Soil and water quality

Soil and waste

Soil and peat/carbon

Soil and erosion

Soil and people

Soil and biodiversity

Organisations that collect and publish data and information on soil in Scotland include:

Find out more on Scottish Government funded research.





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